A blast from the past...Mar. 26, 1965

Seth Kinker
Sports Editor

The 55th anniversary of the 1965 Minster boys basketball team furthest trip into the post season, at that time, was last Thursday, Mar. 26.

Now, thanks to Curt Albers, head coach of the Minster junior varsity boys basketball team and a Minster basketball alum himself, you can watch that game along with other past contests by going to MinsterBasketball.com

Albers, a graphic and web developer by trade, started the website about five years ago when he received a lot of old footage from former head coach Mike Lee.

With plenty of others that played for Lee in his 23 years as head coach, Albers knew that there would be an interest in those films. With COVID-19 changing many people’s routines he has found the time to upload more videos for posterity and the ability to have other teammates and alums experience the games again.

“When it comes down to it, I’m a stats guy,” said Albers. “And when you’re a stats guy you inherently become a history guy. At least when it comes to sports. Being a stats guy, I’ve been trying to develop and go back into all the different scorebooks and newspapers Minster has just to try and expand on what the history we have for basketball.”

After prioritizing games that he was involved in, he began to reach out to others in the community and got a good amount of responses with “two to three boxes to do yet.”

He had a number of films that were ready to be uploaded from more recent years and received a number of films from the Minster athletic department five years ago, got footage from 1986 from Mike Ernst and has reached out to former girls head coach Nann Stechschulte for girls basketball footage.

Since receiving more content, Albers said he has been uploading games chronologically from oldest to newest as well as tournament games because he figures that’s what will be prevalent in people’s memories first. Then, he chose to begin uploading regular season games from the 90s and up.

“It takes time because to take VHS to digital you essentially have to sit and watch every game,” said Albers on the process. “It’s not like anything I can do 20 of them a night, maybe two a night, over time I’ve done some here and there.”

“Realistically 10 years from now when you’ve got a kid and want to show them, ‘hey, I wasn’t all that bad at basketball, I’ll prove it to you,’ that kind of stuff,” said Albers.

One reel that stood out to him was the '65 state semifinal game against Springboro Clearcreek. Not having the ability to digitize it himself, he sent it to a company in Dayton before uploading the video online while adding a scoreboard and background music himself.

To read the rest of this story, including insight from a former player on that '65 team, pick up the Apr. 2 edition of The Community Post and check out the sports pages.