DeWine's decision means no spring sports

Seth Kinker
Sports Editor

A memo dated Apr. 18 sent out to the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) member schools updated its constituents coinciding with state and national announcements pertaining to ‘opening up’ the nation.

“With yesterday’s (Thursday) news conferences, plans appear to be moving forward to ‘open up’ the nation and Ohio in ‘Phases,’” said part of the memo in reference to Governor Mike DeWine and President Trump’s recent announcement. “It was stated that ‘schools that are currently closed should remain closed’. When this is confirmed by Governor DeWine and/or State Supt. of Schools DeMaria, we will be confirming the cancelation of spring sports as we have previously indicated.”

That time has come.

During his press conference on Apr. 20 DeWine confirmed that for the remainder of this school year, learning will take place remotely which means there will not be a spring sport season.

“I want to take a moment to thank all of our teachers and school administrators and support staff, such as our kitchen staff, bus drivers, and maintenance workers. You are all our heroes. I want to thank all of the parents as well,” stated the official twitter account for DeWine in a thread started at 2:10 p.m.

“Why are we keeping schools closed? We've flattened the curve, but the virus remains,” continued DeWine’s account in another tweet. “Also, to go back to school now with a relatively small amount of time left - many educators have expressed to me that this wouldn't be a good idea even if the health situation was resolved.”

“As we move forward - we've made no decision about the fall. I know parents, teachers, and administrators are anxious about an answer about the fall, but we're not in the position to make that decision yet,” added the account addressing the next school year. “There is the possibility that we will have a blended system this fall --- some distance learning as well as some in-person learning. That's just a possibility and each school district is different.”