Free-form Art, Summer Art Program Fosters Creativity

Staff Writer

Eighteen pieces of art lay in the grass to dry by Four Seasons Park Shelter no. 5 on June 6 as Emilie Fisher finished conducting her first Arts in the Park Class which was billed as “Channel your inner Jackson Pollock!”

 Participants listened to music and created a painted piece inspired by what they heard.

“We will listen to different types of music while learning about various painting processes,” Fisher said.

And, indeed, that’s what the youngsters participating did on this Wednesday morning. They got into their individual grooves and came up with the eighteen projects now drying in the breezy, air and overcast sky.

Fisher, a University of Michigan and Parkway High School graduate says, “We told them to wet their canvasses with a little bit of water and then to mix their colors they thought went with the music.”

The music she played to them for the exercise she termed “calming and soothing to energetic.” From the descriptions the children shared about their artwork they certainly got involved in the creative process.

Some of them also stayed around for Fisher’s second class later that morning, Funky Relief Sculpture, in which she helped them create a “funky” relief sculpture by cutting, ripping and arranging cardboard. After they created their own interesting compositions with cardboard, they then added paint patterns and designs onto them to make them even more unique. At the end of the day they each had a few new pieces to take home and share with their families.

Arts in the Parks is a series of summer arts workshops designed to introduce students, ages 6 and older, to a variety of experiences in both the performing and visual arts. New classes are added each year and all classes are led by experienced artists and arts educators.

On July 11-12, young artists can create painted “glass” light-catching rings, wind chimes and luminious fossil pendants in Four Seasons Park. Visit for more a catalogue listing of classes and registration information.