Globus Printing Employees Help Save Life

Globus Printing employees Mark Cordonnier, Anita Wuebker, Kim Archey, Missy Simmons and Greg Langenkamp were instrumental in administering emergency treatment which helped save a life at the company last Thursday.
Bob Blindauer
Staff Writer

According to Globus Printing and Packaging’s Tony Schmiesing, being prepared for a life emergency is an important component in in his company’s operations. The company had already invested in an automated external defibrillator (AED), and were committed to training employees in its use. Last Thursday afternoon that exercise became real.

An employee of Buffalo Cartridge Co. of Findlay, Bob Kirby, was at Globus to pick up an order and was loading it into a van. Helping him was shipping employee Mark Cordonnier, who went back into the building to get some paperwork. Cordonnier told shipping manager Anita Wuebker that Kirby was hooking up a trailer to his van and it was pretty cold out. He asked if·she could, would she check on Kirby.

Wuebker went out to see how Kirby was and saw him down on one knee, stooped over his van. She yelled to him how cold it was but he didn’t answer. Yelling again and getting no response, she saw he wasn’t moving and gave him a shake; he then fell over.

Wuebker rushed back in to call 911, ran into Globus employee Greg Langenkamp, who also volunteers as a firefighter in North Star. He  ran to Kirby’s aid and began CPR. He said, “I’ve been on the fire department for 19 years and a first responder for half that” so training definitely kicked in when this 7-plus year machine operator was called on to respond to this life-threatening episode.

In the meantime, Wuebker called 911, paged employee Missy Simmons, who had past service as an EMS volunteer. Simmons then joined with Langenkamp in administering CPR and using the AED until the Minster Life Squad arrived on scene.

Schmiesing  was effusive in his praise of the Globus employees who responded magnificently in the emergency.

“After 10-15 minutes of some heroic actions by a few of our employees – including constant CPR, and the use of our AED machine to shock his heart multiple times – we found out that the man was revived in the ambulance and is now doing well at Lima hospital.

 “A member of the Minster EMS stopped by this morning to give us a recap, and it is almost certain that without the actions of these employees, this man would have died.

 “We are extremely proud of how our employees handled this and also feel that this is a tremendous opportunity to spread a message about the importance of AED and CPR training.”

It was “absolutely impressive” to see how Langenkamp and Simmons responded in the way they did he noted. He recounted the pair coolly giving orders telling other employees how to help. While the two had CPR training and familiarity with the  AED from their volunteer jobs, Globus also offers its employees volunteer CPR training. This past Thursday that training certainly paid off.

Police Chief David Friend was first on the scene, followed shortly thereafter by the Minster Area Life Squad. Kirby was taken by the MALS to Wilson Health in Sidney and later moved to Lima Memorial. MALS’ Tim Botthorf also expressed his approval that the Globus employees were not only capable but successful in helping to save a life.

Schmiesing said, “Hanging that thing (AED) on the wall, you don’t plan on using it, but it sure came in handy.”