Kelsey Broering signs with Wilmington College

Kelsey Broering, center, flanked by her parents, Roger and Beth, and her coaches, Doug Jutte and Katie Heitkamp
Seth Kinker
Sports Editor

Kelsey Broering, a standout cross country runner for Marion Local the past four years, signed her letter of intent on Mar. 9 to continue her running career next year at Wilmington College. Below is a Q and A with Broering, the interview has been edited for clarity and length

Community Post: How did you get into running?

Kelsey Broering: A lot of my family runs. I've always just wanted to run. In my free time, I ran. In junior high, they always complimented me on how fast I ran, so that sparked my interest and started from there.

CP: What are some of your best memories at Marion Local?

KB: Breaking the school (cross country) record and just being able to finish in the top 10 in most of my races and just (being) successful with my team. Being a part of a team and having a lot of fun with it.

CP: How much has running in the MAC prepared you for the next level?

KB: It's going to really help me push and try to aim for a top spot, try to get up near the top my freshman year. I'll play it out and see how it goes, where I place, and work on it from there.

CP: Who has helped you get to where you are today as a runner?

KB: My families a big part of it, they've pushed me. My cousins run in college too so it really pushed me and it helped (grow) my interest in running.

CP: When did you know you wanted to continue running at the next level?

KB: I've always enjoyed running in general. Just being able to compete for another four years sparked my interest and not doing it just for fun, because I like competing.

CP: What stood out about Wilimington?

KB: I like the small college, how I'm not just a number. I can call my professors by my first name. I really like the (cross country) coach and all the Agriculture professors. When I met the (cross country) team they were very friendly and really easy to get along with so that helped a lot.

CP: What are some personal goals of yours in year one?

KB: My goals? Probably try and be on the varsity team because they do say I have a chance. Drop my times and run faster than I did in my high school career.

CP: What did you like about the running program at Wilmington?

KB: I really like how they work around us. If we have something with our major they’ll let us off for studies. Whenever we're on the running side of it, they work really well with going at our own pace and starting slowly to get where we should be at.

CP: Were there any other schools you were considering?

KB: I had two I was debating on. It was (between) Findlay and Wilmington but the reason I went to Wilmington is (because) it's smaller and there's a lot more agriculture careers which is what I want to go into.