Minster Area Life Squad's CPR Training a Big Success

Staff Writer

The Minster Area Life Squad kicked off a “Hometown Heart Hero campaign last fall, with the goal of training CPR to as many residents as possible. The campaign has been a big success.

“Anyone can potentially save a life,” said Jessica Wuebker, an RN, EMT and certified CPR instructor with the Minster Area Life Squad. “We live in such a great community where many residents want to help their neighbors. What a great way to support one another by learning something so valuable. You never know when those skills will be needed.”

The MALS currently has five American Heart Association CPR instructors on their roster. “We specifically had more MALS members certified to teach CPR and First Aid so taht we could being a community outreach program and offer CPR classes year-round,” Wuebker said. To date, we have successfully trained more than 75 in CPR, First Aid, choking relief and AED use. This is an exciting time for us.”

All the success is due to the work of the MALS members like Greg Maltinsky, who has been with the squad for 34 years. “I find it fulfilling to help others in their time of need.”

Kendra Sommer has been with the MALS for 26 years. “I enjoy the feeling of knowing I can help someone when they need it,” Sommer said. “I have enjoyed the friends I’ve made on the Life squad.”

Mark Seitz of Maria Stein has been a part of the squad for more than 17 years. “I enjoy being able to help someone in need of medical services, as well as working with a group of dedicated individuals.”

Other longtime members are Scott LaFleur of Minster, who has been part of the squad for more than 12 years, and Sara Beckman, who has been on the squad for 16 years. “It’s a tie between being able to help others in t heir time of need and the people who are also on the squad,” Beckman said when asked her favorite part of being on the squad. “If not for MALS, I would not have met a lot of these people, but I consider them all a member of my family.”

CPR classes are often advertised on the MALS Facebook page or those interested can contact the squad at malscprhero@gmail.com or call (419) 628-2001.