Minster Band Boosters Sponsor Raffle

Staff Writer

The Minster Band Boosters are sponsoring a fundraiser raffle.

Each month, beginning in April, the names of three lucky winners will be drawn. Three Cash prizes will be offered: $75 for first prize, $50 for second prize and $25 for third prize.All winning tickets will be returned to the drawing – meaning entrees  have twelve chances to win between April 2017 and March 2018 for each ticket purchased.

The boosters have mailed out two tickets to families. If  interested in entering the drawing, please fill out your ticket stubs with a Name, Address and Phone Number and return them in the enclosed self-addressed envelope sent with your tickets.Each ticket is $10 and these funds will be used to support the needs of the band.

The Band Boosters not o nly put money aside every year for the future purchase of new band uniforms and to help fund the band trip which occurs every four years, but they also purchase new musical instruments and new sheet music as well as paying for the repair of older instruments. Return your ticket stubs by March 31, 2017. Make any checks payable to: Minster Band Boosters.If you or anyone you know would need additional tickets, please contact Jenny Perryman at (937) 418-3786, or Mrs. Beair at the High School.