Minster Brewing Association A New Generation of Brewmeisters

Staff Writer

Beer was brewed in Minster starting in 1869. Since then much water has passed through the Miami & Erie Canal, and many out-of-town beers have been represented at Minster establishments and events, particularly Oktoberfest. While Clydesdales have paraded, no beer has been brewed within town limits. That is until recently and albeit on a modest and non-commercial scale, several craft beer brewers have begun an association of Minster beermeisters.

Specifically, five guys – Austin Tebbe, Sam Phlipot, Mitchel Poeppelman, John Tebbe and Adam Will – all from Minster High School’s Class of 2011 – have combined their passions for beverages brewed with malt, hops and yeast to now join forces in a loose alliance known as the Minster Brewing Association. They get together, especially on weekends, leaving their weekday labors behind to compare notes on the concoctions they’ve tested out or would like to test, mix up a five-gallon batch of some of the home-brewed stuff, and then sample and taste what they’ve wrought, making more notes as to what they liked and what they didn’t for future reference individually and collectively.

All of which suits them just fine.

Sam Phlipot,  who started brewing on his own first, said, “We noticed all these craft beers popping up.”

They don’t have any commercial aspirations, just a shared common interest that they can gather around and enjoy the social aspect as well as the taste sampling. Have you acquired a taste for craft beer yet? If not, here’s a group of guys in Minster that can help you appreciate your beer taste buds. Loosely formed but complying with all necessary regulation, the Minster Brewing Association now meets regularly to test various ingredients, brew and taste the results and comment and critique what’s works and what doesn’t – ultimately deciding what tastes good enough to be repeated. Each one of these mildly demeanored gentlemen take a more laid-back approach. How they got together was pretty much happenstance. Each began in their own search for that special taste in a beer. Now that they’ve banded together, they follow a loosely configured yet very systematic persistence in their quest for beer brewing mastery. They’re also open to new members to join in the process; and some have recently been added, coming from Wapakoneta and elsewhere.