Minster Dental Center Shows Off New Space, Services

Staff Writer

It’d probably be a little clichéd to say the newly-expanded Minster Dental Care facility gleams like the teeth of its patients, but the addition shown off by Drs. Shawn Sharp, James Overman, James Meiring, Philip Slonkosky, Tracy Mayers and Heather Woehrmyer at last week’s Minster Civic Association meeting impressed the large group assembled in the new space on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Dr. Shawn Sharp introduced the members to the new features and expanded list of services, and Minster Dental Care associates allowed Civic Association members to tour the facility.

Sharp said the goal was to create a seamless transition from the 2004 space with the 2018 space. “It was a challenge, as Sean Dorsten can tell you about that,” Sharp said, pointing to the ceiling. “To make this roof life match this roof line was not easy, at all. It was a challenge doing it, but they pulled it off. They made it look like it was here the day the original building was built.”

“The need became apparent for an orthodontics and pediatrics hybrid,” said Sharp. “What you see here is an anomaly. It’s not normal for  most dentistry offices. We’re also surgical.  We’ll be open for two or three days for surgery. We’ll be able to be a one-stop shop here.”

Minster Dental Care, along with the more roomier building, now offers surgical treatment with anesthesia, special services for children and in-house manufacturing of crowns, which can now be made in about a half hour. Just this past month, Minster Dental Care installed a dental version of a CT scanning machine. “It’s pretty cool because we can get a three-dimensional image of everything and allows us to have surgery. It’s safe for the patient and it’s safer for us. It increases the quality of care we’re providing our patients, especially surgical. We’re finding things we never found before with two-dimensional x-rays. It’s only a tenth of the radiation you get from a CT scan at a hospital and it’s quick. About five minutes to get it processed.”

Minster Dental Care was started in 1976 by Dr. Overman in a Minster office where the Crescent Motel is now located and the new 8,000 square-foot facility was opened in 2004.

“We’ve grown by about 10 employees over the last year,” Sharp said, noting that the staff has grown so quickly it needs to park far away from the building to make room for customers. “People think we’re painting the parking lot, but we can’t make you guys walk.”

The Minster Civic Association held its business meeting afterwards.  The business meeting was started by a presentation by Douglas A. Spencer, Auglaize County Commissioner who is running for re-election this year.

Members voted in to donate $2,500 to the YMCA and then heard presentations from Brenda Boeke regarding upcoming school renovations and from Don Harrod on ongoing and upcoming village projects.

The group’s next meeting will be Tuesday, March 27 at the Wooden Shoe, with a presentation on the  TriStar 2.0 Expansion Project .