Minster Graduates 54 in Class of 2017

Staff Writer

Fifty-four seniors strode across the stage to receive a diploma and become graduates of Minster High School on Sunday aftert hearing words of encouragement from their mentors and top-achieving classmates and celebrating the group’s many accomplishments.

 “The growth we’ve seen in you over the last 13 years is phenomenal,” Brenda Boeke, Minster superintendent, said to a class that will in large part be the final graduating class to be born in the 1990s.

“All of you sitting before me have the extraordinary potential to do amazing things in your life,” Minster’s Class of 2017 valedictorian Colleen Jutte said. “You all have the ability to become special. All of you are already special, with or without all those Twitter followers. We have all made an impact on each other’s lives, a mark that cannot be erased. We have 13 years of memories we can thank each other for. When society tells you you mean nothing, there will always be 53 people here that will prove that’s not true. Go out in the world and become special.”

“When we sit back and remember high school, we’ll tell tales of the dances, the games, the classes and our classmates,’ Morgan Pohl, the Class of 2017’s salutatorian, said. “We’ll remember the crazy things we wore on spirit week. Above all, we’ll remember the person we were under all that crazy clothing and how high school shaped who we were beneath it all.”