Minster Historical Society Museum's Historic Quest

Staff Writer


Minster Historical Society Museum Director Mary Oldiges has begun a new quest for the history of Minster. She now announces that the Minster Historical Society had, as of August 1, purchased the building adjacent to the current museum at 112 W. Fourth Street, just across the Heritage Park courtyard. That building, since it was built in the 1870s, has served as a hardware store, saloon, clothing store, a meat market, a grocery, and more. Most recently, it served as former home of Mel’s Decorating.

Now comes the challenge. Oldiges envisions a connecting corridor being built from the present museum leading into the new annex space. There is much to be done and much help needed to pull off the renovation project. Oldiges thinks a sum of some $300,000 will be need to make the annex a viable addition to the Minster Historical Society Museum. Garmann Miller has been tasked with design and the necessary work to make sure the building is brought up to current Ohio Revised Code.

There is a large attic space in the new annex which can be used for storage but will also need proper heat and cooling climate control to be used for the purpose. Oldiges looks forward to being able to keep all museum artifacts on site, with no need for additional off-site storage.

“We would like to set permanent displays with monitors. We have all these old pictures of past businesses. Our school area and band area can be moved over there, so we’re going to be able to put many, many more items out on display. By expanding this, So many people have donated many wonderful things, but we can’t keep them on permanent display (currently) because of lack of space. The new space will afford the museum opportunity not only for permanent displays but to be able to showcase the various aspects of Minster life and what makes it great."

More than the money, Oldiges also now asks Minsterites and other interested parties for their help. In order to bring the project along Oldiges looks to “people who are expert with a remodeling project – demolition, painters, dry wall, finish work and those just willing to push a broom.” She looks to set up a volunteer program to which anyone interested in helping can add their support.

You may call Mary at (419) 628-3164.