Minster Marine carries her responsibilities seriously

Staff Writer

MINSTER – Tattoos are probably more common for Marines today. For Marine Corporal Veronika Gottschalk the phrase “non sibi sed patriae” can be found on her forearm. It’s Latin for “not for self, but for country.”
For Cpl. Gottschalk it certainly displays a sense of duty and responsibility not found in many of her contemporaries. What makes this all the more meaningful is the fact that Veronika, along with her younger brother Daniel, were adopted by Minster couple Jeff and Janet Gottschalk when she was just six years old and he was three – from the rugged Tyva Republic of Russia (northwest of Mongolia).
Recently, Lance Corporal Hannah Hall wrote about Cpl Gottschalk for Stars and Stripes Okinawa, “With the same passion and determined spirit that motivated her to join the Marine Corps, Cpl. Veronika R. Gottschalk smiled and began to describe her journey from her early life in Russia to eventually becoming the accomplished Marine she is today.”

The rest of this story can be found in the July 16, 2020 edition of The Community Post.