MInster's Mark One trusted PPE resource

Staff Writer

In business, just as much as everyday life, relationships mean everything. Maybe even more so when you’re dealing with other businesses domestically and overseas. To be in the middle of such relationships means you must be the trusted go-between.
For the principals of Minster’s Mark One Manufacturing, co-owners Justin Spillers and Doug Larger, found themselves in the midst of the current pandemic uniquely positioned to resource their overseas counterparts together to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for domestic entities here in the U.S., medical, governmental and other agencies.
The key to all this has been their well-developed relationships that viewed them as a trusted partner with both manufacturers and suppliers as well as client end-users who came to them seeking fulfillment at a time of great need. And results matter, as Mark One has stepped up to meet the challenge to deliver solidly much-needed PPE that passes muster for professional end-users.

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