Mission Commission's Taste and Toast Fast Approaching

Taste & Toast food and ticket committee (L to R): Ann Meyer, Betty Gaerke, Connie Schafer, Eileen Riethman and Dorothy Lammers
Staff Writer

Your table is awaiting and the ladies from the Mission Commission are happy to oblige.

Christmas always comes a little bit early each year for members  of the St. Augustine/St. Joseph Mission Commission. That time approaches as they put finishing touches on preparations for the 8th edition of Taste and Toast, their fundraiser to benefit deserving area families with help for Christmas.

Taste and Toast, for its attendees, is also a treat offering exposure to wine and foods they might not experience in any other setting but this one.

While broadening horizons and tickling the taste buds of guests attending this special event is the initial goal, raising money to support MC activities, particularly related to Christmas gift-giving to any underprivileged families in the area is the end goal.

“All of the profits from this go to our children’s Christmas fund. We help supply toys, clothing, shoes, coats, bicycles to the needy in the area,” noted Dorothy Lammers.

This year’s event is planned for Sunday, Oct. 29, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the K. of C. Hall in Minster.

The best part is Mission Commission donates all of the profits generated from this event to helping people in need in the Minster area. “We are able to buy a lot of nice gifts and we also give each family a good meal at Christmas,” reminds Dorothy Lammers.