Parks upgrade considered

Staff Writer

The biggest issue facing Minster Village Council at their Feb. 18 meeting was brought to their attention by two Minster moms. Jamie Mummey and Kim Wiford called the Council's attention to the survey the two had conducted and placed their findings on Facebook. They had asked residents to respond as to what they thought about Minster parks. Of 118 people responding to the survey, 38 percent sided either dissatisfaction or extreme dissatisfaction with the playgrounds at the parks. Mummey noted, as a stay-at-home mother of three who likes to take her children to the parks, I've come to realize that the surrounding communities' parks are a lot cleaner and nicer and safer than what Minster's parks have to offer." Her comparison was to Fort Loramie's and New Bremen's parks. The black mulch used in the parks was one item specifically cited by several survey respondents and was considered to be "filthy." Wiford thought, as did Mummey, that Paris Street Park hasn't been kept up as well as Four Seasons Park. Those responding to the survey acknowledged they used the former park as much as the latter. Wiford stated improvements could be made if an architect would be brought in to work on the design of a playground that was "up to code." Mummey suggested improvement could be done incrementally with grant money applied for to help subsidize it. Councilman Rick Schwartz, member of the village parks committee, asked Village Administrator Don Harrod to consult with an architect about possible park design.