Plans for Renovation Move Near Completion

Staff Writer

Brad Garmann of Garmann/Miller gave his update on the status of the upcoming school renovations project at the most recent Minster school board meeting, reporting they were “about 95 percent done. Everything’s pretty close.”

Garmann said there was an extensive list of 23 alternate projects as part of the renovation for the district to choose. One example of this would be four options for resurfacing the gym floor, which from sanding to total replacement also range in cost. The Board will have to decide upon their priority from a needs and cost analysis. The board had a short discussion of a few of the items such as where to go with trophies and their display cases because of the need for space for bigger lockers to be installed.

“Quandel is going to do one more cost estimate on the project,” which Garmann says the numbers will continue to be massaged. As he had previously stated, “The budget is being watched very carefully. We’re going over those numbers with a fine tooth comb.”

The board  voted to hold a special meeting on April 3 at 7 p.m. to further discuss and decide among alternate  additional projects offered by Garmann.