Scenes from Minster's Laffalot Camp

Staff Writer

Minster's Laffalot camp was 111 campers strong this year, with area children from the ages of 6 to 12 participating in an array of activities from July 25-29. Organizers Pat Nyemberg, the founder of the camp that now counts 49 different places as sattelites, and Nann Stechschulte, said the camp stresses fun for kids without the stresses of overmanagement or overemphasizing technique.

Nymberg, who was a coach and physical education teacher at Ursuline Academy, Walnut Hills and the Cincinnati Academy of Physical Education while coaching basketball, soccer, swimming, and softball, said she simply wanted to start a camp that allowed children to have fun.

“The goal was not to teach skills,” Nymberg said origin of the camp. “It’s what kids used to do in their back yards and don’t do anymore where you get a group of kids from the neighborhood and play a game. It was played by the rules, but it wasn’t about developing skills.”