Shrine to Add Relics from Pope John Paul II

Staff Writer

The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics recently announced that it has acquired new relics that will be placed in the Shrine’s Relic Chapel during a formal ceremony in November.

A relic is something that is left over from the life of a saint. Often these are pieces of the saint’s body (first class relics) or from something they used during their life (second class relics). Cloth touch to a first or second class relic make third class relics. Casket pieces, as they have touched the body, fall into this class of relics.

One of the most exciting relics came from Rome and is of the pope, Pope John Paul II. The reliquary contains a few of his hairs and was sealed by the Vatican. He was the first Polish pontiff the Church ever had.

There are a number of American saints and blesseds (those on their way to sainthood) that will be added to the collection at the Shrine. St. Marianne Cope was a German immigrant who became a Sister and spent her life ministering to those inflicted with leprosy in Hawaii. St. Andrea Bassette will also be added. He was a Holy Cross Brother who founded the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Canada.

Additionally, a small bone piece of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos will serve as a reminder of the Redemptorist priest who ministered throughout the US and was known for his humility and love.

Finally, Blessed Solanus Casey, a Franciscan Priest who lived nearby in Indiana, will also be enshrined in Maria Stein. He was a simple priest who is believed to be a healer and mystic. Other relics have also been collected by the shrine and they too will be added to the collection on Sunday, November 11. After this ceremony, the relics will be on permanent display for the public to venerate and pray with.

The Shrine is located at 2291 St. John’s Rd. in Maria Stein. For more event information, visit